A huge aspect of all kinds of media such as TV, video, radio and the Internet is music and how it is used to enhance the viewer or listener experience in many different ways. Music affects our emotions depending on the style, the performance and the dynamics which is why it is such a powerful addition to all aural-included media types.

In this side of the website, I'll be looking at the various ways in which music affects us in our daily lives and what it gives us in terms of overall experience to the senses. It's a very big subject overall, so to make it a little easier on the eye, I have separated the different aspects into individual article pages to make it more readable and simpler to find what you're looking for.

Music: The Universal Language

listening to music


To give you a foretaste of what I'll be looking at in the articles, I want to set the theme by doing an overview of my own interpretation on what music is and how it is incorporated into our lives on many levels.

To start the ball rolling, I want to explore the obvious fact that while there are many different verbal languages being spoken by the billions of Earth's human (and maybe even some non-human) inhabitants, there is one kind of universal means of communication that goes past the limits and confines of spoken language: Music.

It is universal in that it is understood by all people no matter what spoken language or dialect they happen speak. That's because words are unnecessary in music unless they are added by the writer or performer to enhance of define the piece being performed or recorded.

An instrumental piece of music has the power to convey emotions to the very heart of our bodies and that is a form of communication that all humans and many animals are able to decipher and understand.

The Strings of Our Hearts

By affecting our emotional state, a musical piece has considerable power over our actions. That's because we often act according to the way we feel.

When we feel good, happy and uplifted, we tend to feel like doing nice things, creative things and productive things. On the other hand, when we feel bad, unhappy and depressed, we either want to curl up and do nothing, or if we do act, then it is with negative effect.

The kind of music we listen to can therefore have an effect on what we do. When you think about that a little more deeply than usual, you're going to have a moment of understanding at the potency of the musical power at your fingertips!

Power it most definitely is, because when you can influence your emotional state through the tune that you're merely listening to, you realize that you are no longer "merely" listening to a tune. You are plugging in your emotional heart space to the power of the frequency that the tune is resonating on!

More, More, More!

On that clever note, I'll hand over the rest of the musical explanations and intuitive guidance tutorials to the information articles that are attached to this page. You'll find the titles right below: