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Welcome to Byte Me TV, where we're taking the jargon out of technology and providing you with a straight talking, straight walking portal into the comings and goings of the entertainment business from our own, unique and slightly off the wall perspective!

Jargon is banned on Byte Me TV

If the thought of technology, gadgets or computers gives you a headache then look no further. Byte Me TV is here to explain all you need to know in easy to understand, jargon free language. If you want to know the difference between a PC and a Mac, or even a gooseberry and a BlackBerry, there are plenty of tech sites and brain-dulling manuals you can read elsewhere on the world wide web of things. Here is where we keep it simple.

Our videos are free to watch and download. If you want to unravel the mysteries of technology or just want to learn how to use your computer, camera and many other gadgets in an easy to understand way without taking up too much time then start watching now.

Music and Rhythm

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Music is a big part of all kinds of media, particularly TV, so it goes without saying that this is something that will play a big part in this site. There is just so much to talk about in this area that I've dedicated a whole section of the site to it (see the link to the "Music" section in the top navigation bar).

For folk/rock addicts, one great recommendation is to pay a quick visit to Dead Flamingoes to see what the talented duo were doing back in the day.

There will be plenty of alternatives to follow in here, from mainstream popular music to rock, soul, blues, country, funk, jazz and even classical if that's what floats your boat.

Techno and Gizmo

Sure enough, where there is a retreat from jargon, you're going to find some gadgets and the technology behind the way the world seems to be run in this day and age. Don't let that worry you any, because it is still possible to talk about such things without lapsing into a language that only a few gifted souls possess the mental prowess to understand, let alone compose!

So if we must have strange gizmos and widgets, let them be described in ground level English for all to understand them!